Some Interesting Information On The SONGKRAN Festival

Some Interesting Information On The SONGKRAN Festival

Are you interested to know about the SONGKRAN Festival? Congrats! It’s the correct place you’ve been landed on. This post is about some interesting information on the same. Let’s start the discussion.

A Brief SONGKRAN Introduction

SONGKRAN is all about the most prominent festival in Thailand. As per the Buddhist calendar, it’s an important day. It’s a mesmerizing water festival. And it shows the initiation of the conventional Thai New Year. However, the term “Songkran” is stemmed from a Sanskrit word, which means “passing.”


Are you enthusiastic about joining this amazing festival? Then, you must remember the dates, and it’s 13th to the 15th of April of every year. So, you can plan your journey according to these dates.

Some Interesting Information On The SONGKRAN Festival
Some Interesting Information On The SONGKRAN Festival

The Celebration

It’s no wonder that water plays a significant role in this observance. Nowadays, water throwing becomes part and parcel of this festival. If you’d be present in Thailand at that time, you must be prepared for getting splashed.

And Then

A large number of people gather and start roaming everywhere with water buckets. Some other means are also used to celebrate this festival. But, the main goal is to throw water to everyone, whoever is present within reach. So, you can realize how the SONGKRAN Festival is so much exciting.

However, a lot of Thai people visit native places to spend some time with their older relatives. So, showing respect to the family is also an essential feature of this celebration.

The First Day

The SONGKRAN Festival starts with the mind-blowing processions of the images of Buddha. And it’s occurred all around the country. Furthermore, Thai individuals also get prepared for the onset of the New Year. It’s performed by cleaning their houses.

And then, 13th April comes with a grand celebration of water throwing. Moreover, you can also discover the tremendous ‘water wars’ while being there. A lot of people visit this place to witness this mesmerizing ‘water festival.’

Some Interesting Information On The SONGKRAN Festival
Some Interesting Information On The SONGKRAN Festival

More SONGKRAN Aspects

At this festival, family members spend a great time with each other. And definitely, no celebration can be completed without family. Kids start pouring water on their parents’ and grandparents’ palms. It’s a symbol of thanks. And this soulful ceremony is called ‘Rod Naam Dam Hua.’

Moreover, this festival is an indication of the conclusion of the dry season. That means the rainy days have begun. So, the celebration has a great significance due to the importance of the rainy season.

What’s Next

You already know that water has come with great significance in this celebration. Furthermore, it’s part and parcel of each of the celebrations as well as rituals.

Moreover, a substance of white pasty powder also plays a role in this observance. It’s because Thais apply this component to one another on either neck or face.

It’s a festival of preparing food and collecting different household items. And then, the gift all these things to the local monks by visiting the temple.


You’re now familiar with various aspects of the SONGKRAN Festival. So, now, just start planning to participate in this festival.

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