Some Interesting Aspects Of the KING’S DAY -

Some Interesting Aspects Of the KING’S DAY

Some Interesting Aspects of the KING’S DAY

Do you want to know about KING’S DAY? Congrats! It’s the correct place you’ve been stumbled upon. The post is about explaining some interesting information on the same. So, without any further ado, let’s start the discussion.

A Short Discussion On KING’S DAY

The King’s Day carnival is a great festival in Amsterdam. And it’s observed on 27 April. A large number of people gather on the streets. Moreover, people are also seen in different canals. They start painting the town to turn it into orange.

And literally, it’s the largest street party in the globe. Do you already have taken part in this festival? No? Then, take a look at the below segments to take some inspirations.


Do you know the purpose of the KING’S DAY? It’s the birthday of the Dutch monarch. So, it might be the largest birthday party on the globe. This day is all about the birthday. Do you know whose birthday is this? It is of King Willem-Alexander’s. Every person in the Netherlands takes leave from work for this celebration.

It can happen that the KING’S DAY or 27 April falls on one of the Sundays. In this scenario, the celebration occurs on the previous Saturday (one day earlier). For instance, the same situation occurred in 2014’s celebration.

Some Interesting Aspects of the KING’S DAY
Some Interesting Aspects of the KING’S DAY

The History

And what about this day before the accession of Willem-Alexander’s to the respective throne? Then, the day was named Queen’s Day. And it was on 30 April in honor of the previous monarch Queen Beatrix. In fact, 30 April wasn’t her birthday.

It was the birthday of her mother. That means this day was dedicated her to her mother. The actual birthday of Beatrix was 31 January. That means it was in winter. So, it’s a brief history of this celebration.


Are you planning for taking part in this celebration? Remember, you must wear orange, as all people do the same. It’s actually a display of the pride for the renowned Dutch royal family. It’s famous as the House of Orange-Nassau. So, you need to find out the appropriate outfit.

And Then

Don’t forget about orange accessories as well. And do wear the outfit and accessories with pride. You must cover yourself with orange- from top to bottom. Otherwise, it will be wrong. You can also go for orange face paint as well as wings. You can go offbeat as well. It’s literally a magnificent celebration.

Some Interesting Aspects of the KING’S DAY
Some Interesting Aspects of the KING’S DAY

Eating On KING’S DAy

The party will definitely promote your appetite. You’re in luck. There will be scrumptious treats throughout every corner. A large number of street food sellers are present there.

Are you enthusiastic about sweets? Then, you should sample the native compose. It’s a delicious sweet pastry filled with cream.

Moreover, beautiful decorations are also there in these pastries. You’ll appreciate the orange lining. And it’s only the specialty for the King’s Day. The sales of tompouce get increased by 600% on this day in the comparison of other days.

Now, you’re aware of some insightful aspects of KING’S DAY. Start planning to join this mesmerizing festival to create some incredible memories.

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