Packing For Bonnaroo: Useful Tips

Packing For Bonnaroo: Useful Tips

Every year in June, Manchester witnesses a swell in its population. The population reaches a mark of around 80, 000 from being just 10, 000. You might be wondering how. The answer is Bonnaroo. This is an arts and music festival calling in a huge number of attendees from around the world. Of course, you will find essentials such as water and ice along with luxuries like vegan fare and cold coffee. But this does not mean you should not come decked-up to set up your camp. Starting from campsite essentials to clothing checklists, you need to have good survival strategies when packing and planning for the festival.

Packing For Bonnaroo: Useful Tips
Packing For Bonnaroo: Useful Tips

Arriving For Bonnaroo

If you are thinking of flying to there, it would be a good idea to bland at Nashville. It will not take much time to reach there from Nashville. The approximate duration will be around one hour. Always pre-book your flights with good carriers, preferably the ones allowing two bags. This way you will have extra space for packing festival accessories. Getting parking space at the campgrounds might be a little tricky owing to the bad traffic all the time. Therefore, once you get parking space, avoid moving your vehicle until you would like to leave the festival. Make it a point to arrive early at the festival. This will help you in avoiding traffic. It will also let you live very close to the main festival spot called Centeroo.

Campsite Tips

One thing you need to work on immediately during the festival is making friends with neighbors. As per written rules, it is essential for the attendees at the festival to watch over the camps of their neighbors when they are away. Also, you need to carry something for making the campsite stand out. Having an exclusive feature for your campsite will make it easier for you to spot it amongst hundreds of other camps. Each camper gets around 400 square feet space. So, you need to use this available space wisely.

Packing For Bonnaroo: Useful Tips
Packing For Bonnaroo: Useful Tips

Health Tips

You will surely find safety officers and medical tents in Centeroo and even in the campsite regions. Make use of a map to find out their location in case you need them during emergencies. Other essential health tips you need to keep in mind are:

  • Staying hydrated. Majority of the medical problems caused at the festival are because of dehydration.
  • The June sun in Tennessee is quite ruthless. So, you need to save yourself. And do not consider the heat here to be a joke. Take it seriously and have proper safety measures in place.
  • Do not leave your home without:
  • Camping gear
  • Sleeping beds & bags
  • Tarp
  • Water jugs or cooler
  • Headlamp, flashlight or lantern
  • Water bottle
  • Hoodie
  • Camping tables, chairs, and everything else that can help you in creating a comfortable and home-like environment.
  • Rain gear
  • Mud boots
  • Extra sneakers or shoes
  • Bug spray
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Balloon or flag for identifying your campsite
  • Toilet paper
  • Biodegradable bags for recycling and trash.

Pack for the festival just like you would for any hiking expedition. Always carry essential things for different situations, whether cold, hot, muddy, or rainy.

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