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A La Tomatina Fight

La Tomatina: A Tomato Fight Worth Attending

How about throwing tomatoes at each other? Do you like the activity? If yes then you should make your straight towards Spain. This is the place where you will find proper scope to throw tomatoes at each other, all thanks to La Tomatina. This annual event, held in Spain, witnesses thousands of attendees from across the world. Participants at this event engage in an hour-long tomato fight. The festival is considered one of the biggest food fights in the world. In this article, we have provided La Tomatina in the following section of this post.

La Tomatina: A Tomato Fight Worth Attending
La Tomatina: A Tomato Fight Worth Attending

A Little History

If reports are to be believed, the event started way back in 1944. You will find innumerable stories surrounding the origin of the festival. Legend has it that the tradition began when people started throwing tomatoes at an incredibly bad singer. They picked tomatoes from the local vendors at the town square and started throwing them at a singer only to get rid of his bad voice. They liked this action and thought of repeating it every year. This is how it all began. Other stories are tracing the origin and the history of the festival. The event has proved to be a popular and exciting exercise. Initially, people brought their tomatoes for the event, but as it grew in popularity, the city officials started providing tomatoes. Huge trucks filled with tomatoes came to the site of the game.

Festival Venue And Time

The event is held on the last Wednesday in August annually. It starts at around ten in the morning and ends after an hour. Bunol in Valencia is the venue for the event. The entire week during the festival features some exciting activities for the international and local tourists in Spain.

La Tomatina: A Tomato Fight Worth Attending
La Tomatina: A Tomato Fight Worth Attending

La Tomatina Rules

People attending the festival need to go by a few hard and fast rules. These include:

  • All the participants should avoid carrying hard objects. They are not allowed to bring hard objects to the fight as they can cause injuries.
  • Tomatoes need to be squashed before being thrown at the other participants. This helps in minimizing the impact on the other attendees.
  • Participants cannot rip the clothes of the other people at the event.
  • You should not throw tomatoes post the time slotted for the event.

Getting Involved La Tomatina

If you are looking forward to attending the event, there are different ways you can do so. Join the mayhem by being there at the venue early in the morning. You can arrive at Bunol for just the morning and then get back in the afternoon. There are morning trains to Bunol available from Valencia. Nevertheless, for the ones who would like a complete La Tomatina indulgence, staying in Bunol for the entire week is better. The week-long celebrations are marked by dancing, music, fireworks, and parades.

If you are a budget-conscious traveler, it would be perfect for you to attend the event by joining a travel group or tour. So, come and enjoy the famous tomato festival of the world.

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