Aspects Of The Holi Festival

Some Interesting Aspects Of The Holi Festival

If you appreciate colorful festivals, then you should definitely know about the HOLI FESTIVAL. It’s a celebration of colors, which symbolizes joy and happiness. So, without any delay, let’s start the discussion.

A Brief Introduction To Holi Festival

Holi is a festival of vibrant colors.  It’s a well-known spring festival in Hinduism. The mesmerizing Holi celebration is seen in India as well as Nepal. However, people also celebrate Holika Dahan and Rangwali Holi much before the actual Holi celebration.

But, this joyful festival is no longer a celebration of a specific region as well as culture. A large number of people of different cultures and locations take part in it. The level of enthusiasm of participants is worth noting.

Some Interesting Aspects Of The Holi Festival
Some Interesting Aspects Of The Holi Festival

More Holi Festival Points

The splash of colors creates a jolly atmosphere all around. It’s worth noting that Germany and the United States also experience a great celebration of the HOLI FESTIVAL. Holi implies universal brotherhood where people participate in the celebration by forgetting all worries. The celebration of one or two days with family and friends help one to unwind.

Interesting Points On HOLI FESTIVAL

Do you know the colorful powders of the HOLI FESTIVAL have come with different meanings? Where blue symbolizes Krishna, green indicates spring, etc.

While it comes to the second day of the celebration, people throw colored powders to each other. It symbolizes the celebration of life. Moreover, it also indicates a new start whatever the spring will come with.

Furthermore, the dates of Holi depend upon the moon cycles. If you want to plan for the next Holi, just remember the dates. Holi is such an occasion where the barrier of age and caste gets vanished.

What’s More

It’s also true that the colored powders thrown in Holi are difficult to remove from hair and skin.  And it’s next to impossible to clean out colors from clothes. So, you must keep your skin and hair properly hydrated. And thus, you could expect to remove colors easily.

Some Interesting Aspects Of The Holi Festival
Some Interesting Aspects Of The Holi Festival

Some Precautions

Definitely, Holi is a festival of joy and tremendous enjoyment. But, safety is a must in all respects. Let’s discuss some precautions to protect you from unwanted outcomes later on.

Herbal Colors

Do you know it’s tough to differentiate between natural and dye colors? So, you must be cautious. Always try to purchase herbal colors only. Else, you can also prepare colors on your own. Ingredients like genda, tesu, etc will help you a lot. Also, ask all your friends and relatives to bring natural colors only.

Wear Sunglasses

You must protect your eyes throughout the festival. So, it’s mandatory to use sunglasses. Due to the high sensitivity of eyes, colors (due to their chemicals) can cause allergy. If you think something wrong has happened with your eyes, don’t delay a bit. Consult an eye doctor as soon as possible.

Moreover, you must not remain in your wet clothes for over two hours. You should take part in the HOLI FESTIVAL to have some lifelong experiences. This mesmerizing celebration is literally worth discovering with family and friends.

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