Indian Festival Holi: A Colours Of India -

Indian Festival Holi: A Colours Of India

Indian Festival Holi: A Colours of India

Indian Festival- In India, the Holi is a multi-colored day that takes place on the last day of a new year. The term means “a thousand stands” in Hindi. The first celebration of Holi took place in the town of Sangli, which is now part of India’s Gujarat state.

Holi was originally called the “Mooli Festival” and had Hindu monks as well as women involved in its celebrations. Some of these celebrations took place in open fields in the nearby fields of Pallavi and Kanak Agra. At the time, people traveled to nearby villages to celebrate Holi with their family members, friends, and neighbors. However, during the 19th century, there were small Hindu shrines in the fields called “Pooja Mats”. People began to find out about them and began to worship them.

Indian Festival

Indian Famous Festival Holi: A Colours of India
Indian Famous Festival Holi: A Colours of India

While no-one can say for sure who really invented Holi, it has become a very popular and long-lasting festival. It has even been made into a movie by two Delhi-based filmmakers. These days, Holi is a famous Indian festival and it is celebrated all over the country.

The fame of this famous festival is due to its colorful costumes. In most parts of India, girls don colorful dresses with long strips and ribbons on their bodies and the boys have similar outfits. Though there are differences in the designs. For example, while the top part of the girls’ dress may be full of flowers. The boys may wear their garb to show they have a mixture of blue and white colors.

Colored Festival

One of the major reasons why the festival has become so popular is that it is considered as the “spring festival”. This means that it is the festival that is considered as the start of springtime and is regarded as a “bright season.” Due to this, people celebrate the festival on the day of the sun. This makes it very special to many.

Before Holi became popular, it was considered as the “wedding season”. Everyone would get ready for this on the day of the new year. People would wait for the new year by wearing white clothes, silks, and other bright colored clothes. But as Holi has taken off, there are more options available than ever before. Some people prefer to go in for a unique costume. Some choose to wear yellow and black colors for the most exclusive look.

A big day for any wedding or marriage is a wedding and the festival is associated with these occasions. It is a typical Hindu wedding, which was considered to be one of the best and grandest in the region. But Holi can be celebrated at any time of the year, and the festival marks the end of the winter season.

Traditional Event

Holi is also known for its traditional local sweets, which are made of sugar and water. This dessert has been a favorite of many in India and it has been declared to be a national dish in some countries.

The unique designs of the traditional Indian dresses are also seen in floral prints on the flower petals. In addition, the colorful and flowing fabrics are another feature that marks the festival.

There are various methods of celebrating the festival. There are the traditional Indian dance forms, that are performed to the music of traditional fiddles and drums and then people come out to dance the traditional dances. For some, the Holi celebration is not complete without a beautiful balloon party that is done on Diwali, which is the last night of the festival.

Bottom Line: Indian Festival

Indian Festival Holi: A Colours of India
Indian Festival Holi: A Colours of India

Holi is a great occasion to catch up with friends and relatives and celebrate with them. The traditional Hindi festival is fun and festive and, in fact, it will give everyone more opportunities to meet each other and get to know their friends. Apart from being a celebration of love and life, Holi is also a way of extending greetings to friends and family.

This is a festival that you won’t forget in a hurry. Many think of it as a faraway destination for a boring celebration. Well, now, you know why.

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