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Dia De Los Muertos: 4 Things To Know About It

4 Things To Know About Dia De Los Muertos

Dia de Los Muertos or Mexico’s Day of Dead, as it is popularly called, is a festival tracing back to the pre-Columbian times. The festival stretches from 28th October every year to 2nd November.

Based on where you are located, you might find images of animated skeletons known as Calaveras. These were invented in the 19th century by Jose Guadalupe Posada. Later, these iconic skeletons became popular. Diego Rivera, an artist from southern Mexico did this. The markets of Mexico have intricately designed and minuscule sugar skulls. You can use them for decorating home altars. If you want to know more about the festival, have a look below:

4 Things To Know About Dia De Los Muertos
4 Things To Know About Dia De Los Muertos

UNESCO Recognition: Dia De Los Muertos

The UNESCO or United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization previously offered its cultural heritage recognition to collections of things and monuments. But now, it has made efforts towards including living expressions of different traditions and cultures in its definition of cultural heritage. It is only because of these changes that the UNESCO recognized the festival in the year 2008. The UNESCO added this holiday to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. At present, Mexicans from different ethnic and religious backgrounds celebrate the event. However, at its very heart, the festival is a reaffirmation of aboriginal life.

Flowers Are Imperative In The Celebrations: Dia De Los Muertos

The city of Mexico becomes all alive and vibrant during the festival. It looks luxurious and beautiful. It is all because of the bevy of different florals popping up across the markets. You will find them even in the traffic medians. Beautiful flowers are also an important part of this days celebrations. Attendees at the festival are likely to see trucks packed to their brim with traditional flowers, marigolds, and also terciopelos.

4 Things To Know About Dia De Los Muertos
4 Things To Know About Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos And Home Altars

Home altars also have an essential role to play during the celebrations. As you already know, those flowers, sugar skulls and also animated skeletons obtainable at the Mexican markets are for decorating home altars. Majority of the Mexicans have home altars. They decorate their altars with images of the dead, papel Picado and also candles. Papel Picado is a perforated paper with skeletons etching.

There’s Dancing

The very origin of this festival revolves around celebrating the dead by way of dance. This might sound weird, but it is true. The Day of the Dead speaks of observers sewing seashells on their clothes intended to wake up the sleeping with their clatters.

For many families in Mexico, it is also about spending an evening where they remember the dead and offer words of supervision for the upcoming year. Thus, the evening ends with a candle-glowing tribute. Though crying and merry-making are going hand-in-hand at the event, everyone leaves blessed and relieved for having made good efforts. If the whole thing sounds great to you, then you have got good reasons to participate in Dia de Los Muertos this season. The event is open to almost anyone looking to attend it.

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