Cool Facts About Dia De Los Muertos You Didn’t Know

Some Interesting Aspects Of DIA DE LOS MUERTOS

Are you looking for some information onDIA DE LOS MUERTOS? Congratulations! It’s the correct place you’ve reached. This post is dedicated to some of the insightful information on the same. Now, it’s time to start the discussion.

A Brief Introduction To

The main goal of DIA DE LOS MUERTOS is to tribute Mexican traditions. However, different cultures have influenced this celebration. Are you enthusiastic about experiencing this festival? Then, you must plan to visit Mexico. It’s actually a day for Dead commemoration. It will be really interesting to know about some aspects of this mesmerizing celebration.


Do you think DIA DE LOS MUERTOS is a Halloween of Mexico? No, it’s not! Definitely, these two festivals are observed exactly on the same day.

However, the Dead commemoration is hardly connected with Halloween. It’s worth noting that the Day of the Dead was originated as a summertime festival. But, following the Spanish colonization happened in Mexico, the date got changed to 31st October. And thus the day got associated with All Hallows’ Eve’s Catholic commemoration.

Some Interesting Aspects Of DIA DE LOS MUERTOS
Some Interesting Aspects Of DIA DE LOS MUERTOS


Remember, the celebration starts on 31st October. Dia de los Inocentes is the next day of the same. On the second day, the celebration is going on the lives of dead kids. And the celebration concludes on 2nd November, which is All Souls Day. This day is dedicated to the remembrance of all the deceased adults.


As per the ancient Mexicans beliefs, the deceased ones can travel to and fro between different worlds. And so, all the participants believe the presence of their deceased relatives throughout the celebrations.

And Next

Participants also design commemorative alters. And it’s all about highlighting the specific personalities of the respective deceased being. Moreover, each of them must comprise four elements in total. And they are water, earth, fire, and wind.

The common part of this celebration is top-notch clothing worn by a skeleton. And it’s natural in the Day of the Dead.

Do you wonder about the location of this celebration? It’s actually in the graveyard. Families of the deceased beings start decorating the graves as well as tombs. And then, the celebration gets started with music and food.

Some Interesting Aspects Of DIA DE LOS MUERTOS
Some Interesting Aspects Of DIA DE LOS MUERTOS

An Amalgamation

The DIA DE LOS MUERTOS Festival is an amalgamation of happiness and sadness. Do you know humor plays some significant role on this day?

As per the belief, the deceased beings are also laughing at this ambiance. It also creates a sad moment due to the death of the participants’ near and dear ones.

What’s More

Moreover, this day experiences a celebration in Spain as well. It’s due to that Spanish culture holds a great influence on Mexico.

Also, it had acquired a lot of traditions from Mexico. And the Day of the Dead is one of those. Participating in this festival means having some unique insights into the Mexican culture, isn’t it?

Now, you’re familiar with a lot of interesting aspects of DIA DE LOS MUERTOS. What are your plans for this festival? Start discussing with your family and friends.

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