Colorful Festivals In The Philippines -

Colorful Festivals In The Philippines

There are many colorful festivals in the Philippines that continue to draw people from all over the world. A fairytale-like sight awaits you at one of these festivals, as the air is filled with music and dancers and bright colors. Children get a chance to play in a temple made of colorful rice paper. While adults enjoy a feast at an outdoor Asian garden.

One of the most popular colorful festivals in the Philippines is the Makati Day Fiesta, which was held annually on the last Friday of May. It involves colorful carnival games, rides, entertainment, food, and plenty of shopping. Also, free shows include a wonderful lineup of musical performers and dancers.

Know About The Colorful Festivals

The event offers visitors an opportunity to sample traditional food and drink during their visit. There is even a craft fair. Many restaurants have events that will appeal to the culinary enthusiast. Every Friday, people can enjoy a chicken dinner at the Suksa Filipino Restaurant. Grab a bite to eat at one of the many lunch or dinner buffets.

Colorful Festivals In The Philippines
Colorful Festivals In The Philippines

Shopping is also a specialty. Clothing and fashion shops have long lines of souvenirs, designer bags and shoes, and trendy handbags and dresses. Shopping trips take people back in time and bring back memories of home.

Another such colorful festivals in the Philippines takes place every Sunday in Manila. Cebu is home to the annual Jazz Festival, a concert, and dance extravaganza. There are four different stages where people can enjoy the eclectic sounds of several local bands and jazz vocalists.

Musical Performers Of The Colorful Festivals

The group and live musical performers and dancers will captivate the audience. This event attracts people from all over the world. Even young children can be seen jumping up and down to the musical tunes.

The unique part of this colorful festival is the vendors, who set up booths and set up a stage for their acts. If you want to try some of the food items sold, you can ask the vendors for sample sizes of their delicacies. People in the Philippines love food and they love variety.

Once the sun sets, local celebrities will entertain visitors by performing on stage. Local artists take to the stage to perform in Filipino and Western-style. They will surprise visitors with their ability to speak fluent English. Hence, the beauty of the costumes and props they use to perform will amaze you.

Colorful Festivals In The Philippines
Colorful Festivals In The Philippines

What Are The Festival Features

The festival features several traditional gift shops, which are always crowded during the night. From food and drinks to jewelry and gift items, you can find everything you need at one of these stalls. You can also buy traditional handmade artifacts such as masks, embroidered cloths: tassels, and other accessories at a very affordable price.

What is really interesting about this event is that the national orchestra of the Philippines plays at the Makati Arena, which hosts the show. Thousands of people line up to attend the performances. Tickets are difficult to get. As soon as the doors open, the line of people stretching to the left and right of the entrance to the stadium will form.

Unlike in other colorful festivals, the activities for kids on the first day of the festival is only a little. After the Friday performance, the family can head to a theme park in Angeles City for a weekend of fun and games. On Saturday, parents can join in the park activities, enjoy the water activities, and other games at the campgrounds.

Bottom Line

With such a huge variety of colorful festivals in the Philippines, there is a particular event that appeals to everyone. Therefore, whatever your preference may be, the festival is sure to bring you and your family close together in a way that cannot be described.

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