Best Lantern Festival Of Chinese And Japanese Traditions -

Best Lantern Festival Of Chinese And Japanese Traditions

Best Lantern Festival Of Chinese And Japanese Traditions

In the current era, the Lantern Festival in China is a bit different from the one in ancient China. The Chinese version of the festival is different from the festival in Japan. It is considered as one of the five traditions of Asia. In addition, the festival in China is also known as the celebration of lights, the Feast of Lights, and the Lantern Festival.

The festival is celebrated in the month of October or November. In earlier years, the festival is also celebrated on November 1st, but due to some reasons, it was moved to October. As a result, this festival has become a celebration of lanterns rather than of colors, flowers alone.

How Is Lantern Festival Celebrated

During the time of the event, not only do the people celebrate the festival, but also the whole region surrounding that area. One major reason why the celebrations became more than just lights but became something that a whole country can celebrate is because the lanterns are also called the guardians of peace and those who are supposed to protect others.

Best Lantern Festival Of Chinese And Japanese Traditions
Best Lantern Festival Of Chinese And Japanese Traditions

The history of the festival in China and Japan is different. While the festival in China started in the Han Dynasty, the festival in Japan started in the Sengoku Period. These two countries also have different lanterns and different cultures and way of life. The festival in China started in some parts of the country and has spread out.

The culture and nature of the festival are quite similar between the two countries and each part of the country celebrates the festival in its own way. Aside, from the fact that both are considered as a time for celebrations, both the countries also developed ways to keep the festival going for years. This is also why the festival in China and Japan is now something that will never be over with.

Everything You Need To Know About Lantern Festival

In the early sixties, the festival in China started in Pingtung. The lanterns, which symbolize life and light, were first introduced to the country during the celebration of spring. This is a tradition that is still continuing even now, thirty years later.

The next day after the celebration of the lanterns, the festival in Japan started in the province of Hokkaido. The festival started from there, and it has now spread to many other areas of the country. Because of this, the celebrations were divided into different kinds. Some of the festivals are divided by theme.

For example, the art of the lanterns was first introduced in China. But then, it was also imported into China. The gifts of the artwork were made by different people there was amazed at the different kind of theme and designs that were introduced to them.

Best Lantern Festival Of Chinese And Japanese Traditions
Best Lantern Festival Of Chinese And Japanese Traditions

See A Variety Of Artworks

The painting of the lanterns in China has been transferred to Japan and now they are being sold like anything else. People see these as gifts to show their appreciation and thanks to the people who brought the artwork to their country. In fact, they are even available in certain places like online shops and some places in China.

The variety of the artwork that was imported by the Chinese to Japan is something that cannot be reproduced anymore. The only thing that is similar about the lanterns. It is the creation of the art and the painting of the art. It all starts from the same source, which is the Chinese people.

The lanterns are also being used as playing items or party props during the festivals in China and Japan. The people of those two countries love to play with the lanterns use them as a form of entertainment. This is done during the celebrations in China and Japan.

Bottom Line

As a result, these two festivals are becoming one in terms of the way of celebrating. For the Chinese, the celebration is regarded as a way of life. Japanese people do not want to miss out on their opportunity to be a part of the festival and to celebrate this symbol of life. These two countries are known for their extraordinary festivals. They are now starting to blend these two cultures and traditions that they share.

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