An Introduction To The Famous US Festivals -

An Introduction To The Famous US Festivals

An Introduction To The Famous US Festivals

Have you attended US festivals? It is safe to say that every state of the Union and most of the countries have festivals to mark their history, celebration of important occasions, and different phases of their lives. Each state has its own unique flavor which makes it a great choice to celebrate the holidays of any state.

With the growing demand for all kinds of events, the number of US festivals has become more. Although the number of festivals has grown, they are not getting boring. Each state has unique flavors and it has its own festivals.

The History Of US Festivals

Each state of the American states have festivals to mark their heritage, religious beliefs, and to commemorate important and unique events in their lives. In some cases, they even celebrate special events which have happened since the year they were born. The other times, they celebrate their national birthday.

An Introduction To The Famous US Festivals
An Introduction To The Famous US Festivals

However, there are many types of US festivals that are not official but enjoy large numbers of people attending them. Many of these festivals have become famous by word of mouth. In fact, some of them may have even been in existence since time immemorial.

One can define as some of the most famous festivals in the US. They include the Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans and Carnival celebrations in Miami. These two celebrations bring the New Orleans and Miami people together as one.

The Beauty Of US Festivals

However, they are not the only ones to enjoy the beauty of both these types of National Parades. Several other states are known for their own festival. Some of the states which have some of the most famous festivals are Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma, Utah, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Georgia, Ohio, and many more. So even if you live in the same state, you can celebrate different kinds of festivals.

However, before celebrating the US festivals, it is essential to know the significance of them. Though there are numerous festivals which can be considered as popular, some of them must be on the top of the list as they are official and have become popular by word of mouth.

One of the most important in the US is the celebration of Veterans Day. It marks the day the veterans had their medals of honor after surrendering to the US Army. Since this date has changed over the years, several others have also been celebrated on this occasion.

An Introduction To The Famous US Festivals
An Introduction To The Famous US Festivals

How It Started?

It began with a small gathering of people with cards and a candlelight dinner and the event became a big celebration in the town in the end. Since then, it has grown in numbers. All people with their family members or friends can celebrate this day.

During the period of the first World War, several soldiers lost their lives on this event. Some of them had an easier time fighting than others did, however, this occasion was made as a memorial day.

Another very popular festival is the National Women’s Health Events in the US. This festival coincides with the 10th anniversary of President Clinton’s signing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. This act was able to help women a lot in the case of salary discrimination.

Bottom Line

The first time the event was celebrated was during the war in Vietnam. As a commemoration, the rally was held in Columbus Circle and featured much participation from members of the public. Every year, several of these rallies include speeches and various other activities to strengthen the bond between women and men.

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