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A Discussion On The LA TOMATINA Festival

A Discussion On The LA TOMATINA Festival

Do you want to know about the LA TOMATINA Festival? Congrats! You have come to the right place. This post is dedicated to some of the interesting aspects of the same. So, without any further delay, let’s start the discussion.

A Brief Introduction to La TOMATINA Festival

Are you planning a trip to Spain? How about taking part in the world-renowned LA TOMATINA Festival? One of the popular traditions of this country is this festival. Moreover, it’s worth discovering and worth participating in. Let’s check out some of the interesting aspects of this festival.

The Beginning

This spectacular festival started the journey in the year 1945. The location of the same is in Buñol. The small town “Buñol” is adjacent to Valencia. And it’s the place where all the participants experience a lot of fun and enjoyment. And it’s by throwing tomatoes to one another but it’s entirely aimed for entertainment only.

However, a couple of rules are also there. For instance, you must smash tomatoes prior to throwing. Moreover, this festival doesn’t permit any other projectiles.

A Discussion On The LA TOMATINA Festival
A Discussion On The LA TOMATINA Festival

More LA TOMATINA Festival Information

Actually, nobody is completely sure about the origin of this joyful tradition. But, this mesmerizing tomato-throwing festival has become the largest food fight in the whole world. Moreover, the number of participants is also huge- it’s over 20,000. As per the estimation of 2016, participants used more than 120,000 pounds of tomatoes.

And Then

The LA TOMATINA Festival is a celebration of around one hour. And naturally, the entire town becomes layered with tomato paste post-celebration. You can clean yourself with water while it gets concluded.

Do you want to participate in this mesmerizing celebration? Then, you must purchase a ticket. You can buy a complete tour package to enjoy the festival to the fullest. By purchasing day trips, you will get access to many facilities.

For instance, a ticket for the welcome party and after-party, and so on will be waiting for you. Furthermore, it’s also possible to buy a general entry ticket. To know more, you must contact the respective entity.

Similar Traditions To LA TOMATINA

Do you want to know about similar festivals in this? It’s “La Battaglia Delle Arance,” which is celebrated in Ivrea (Italy). Throwing oranges between well-ordered groups is the main goal of this celebration. Moreover, another annual celebration is held in Berlin of Germany and it is Gemüseschalcht (also called “The Vegetable Fight”).

A Discussion On The LA TOMATINA Festival
A Discussion On The LA TOMATINA Festival

How to Go

Now, you might know how to go to that place and enjoy this festival. Most of the young participants actually look for budget-friendly accommodation within Valencia. And then, they reach Bunyol via the train.

During the morning of this festival, trains are available from the Valencia Central Station. Advanced ticket booking isn’t needed. Moreover, the entire journey is about the duration of 50 minutes. But, it’s better to access the train earlier otherwise it will get full. Also, you can access a local bus or hire a car.

I hope you have got a lot of insightful information on LA TOMATINA. So, what are you waiting for? Just plan your visit to Spain for the next tomato-throwing celebration.

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