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6 Things To Know About King’s Day

6 Things To Know About King’s Day

King’s Day is one holiday Holland is popularly known for. This is the day when the Dutch celebrate their dying monarchy and congratulate their King on his birthday. King Willem Alexander took birth on 27th April. This Day is celebrated throughout Holland with parties marking every household and street. And of course, the King is visiting the different cities himself along with his entire family.

6 Things To Know About King’s Day
6 Things To Know About King’s Day

What’s In The Name?

The name “King’s Day” comes as an adjustment for the Dutch mainly because it was called the Queen’s Day previously. It was only recently when the Dutch celebrated the crowning on King Willem Alexander and thus the name “King’s Day.” Previously, the people celebrated the birthday of their queen Mother Beatrix.

Spotting Royals Is Common On King’s Day

An important element of this celebration is royal-spotting. The royals visit a specific part of the country every year. The people get to follow the complete route of the royals visiting a certain part of the nation. The cities chosen for royal visits during the festival host action-packed events meant to entertain the royals. Even ordinary people get to witness these events.

6 Things To Know About King’s Day
6 Things To Know About King’s Day

There’s Orange Everywhere!

The royal family of Holland is called House of Oranje. The name means the orange color. Therefore, it has become the national color of Holland. So, naturally, you will find people all decked-up in orange on King’s Day. They not only wear orange apparels but even use orange make-up and wigs.

Flea “Free” Markets Are Common

The Dutch have the permit to sell almost anything on the streets of the cities on this Day. They do not require a permit for doing so. Flea markets, as they are popularly called, are “free” markets held in streets and parks. You will find a large number of people providing unwanted possessions, entertainment items, and music. In some parts of the country, these markets get organized and start selling things the night before King’s Day.

Toast To The King

When it’s the King’s birthday, how can people forget about serving a toast to the King? Feast on this Day requires a toast. People make a toast to their King with bright orange liquor called Orange Bitter. This drink was founded in 1620 for celebrating the victory of Prince Fredrick Henry. In the beginning, this drink did not grab any attention. However, at present, it is used in a wide scale. The liquor is closely connected to the royal family of Holland.

Right Place For Celebrating King’s Day

Majority of the cities and towns have music events, and fairground attractions lined up. The attendees can also expect to find a plethora of parties and DJ events held across the Netherlands. Kingsland Festival Den Bosch and Kingsland Festival Amsterdam feature good quality international and Du7tch DJs. Interested attendees need to purchase tickets for the events beforehand.

To conclude, King’s Day is one celebration you need to experience at least one’s in life. It works to book hotels in advance as the7y get booked up quickly.

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